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GIPS Compliance in Boston, Massachusetts

At Riordan Consulting in Boston, Massachusetts, our specialists will provide your firm with a road map to achieve GIPS Compliance and completely prepare you for GIPS Verification.

Increase Your Firm's Marketability & Grow Assets under Management
Your firm receives expert guidance throughout the GIPS Compliance process. Your resources are trained, and all required documentation of policies and procedures is provided for you to maintain your claim of GIPS Compliance moving forward.

Attain Distinct & Lasting Improvement in Reporting Performance Results
Our global operations experts have hands-on experience working in performance measurement groups so we "get it." We analyze your operations environment, make recommendations, and execute a plan to make substantial improvements in your firm's ability to calculate and report investment results.

Maximize Performance Software
Rely upon our extensive knowledge of performance, attribution, GIPS, risk, and analytic software packages to help your firm make confident technology decisions.

Whether you are implementing a new system, migrating from disparate platforms, or fine tuning an existing application, we will help you make the transition seamless for your customers.

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